NFT Relationship Tokenization for Actresses and Models to Manage Their Relationships With Fans

The way Tinder disrupted dating, we aim to disrupt the way people relate to each other and the way people manage their need to belong to each other.

End goal is to replace outdated governmental institutions with an intergovernmetal blockchain organization that lets people define their romantic, familial and personal relationships with flexibility that is required in this brave new world.
Tatiana Starolatko
  • Generate buzz of relatinship status tokenization with help of celebrities (e. g., Hollywood actress Bella Thorn is now on OnlyFans, you can be her boyfriend on
  • Incentivize women to embrace the new normal of relationship tokenization and blockchain relationship management.
  • Focus on providing women with blockchain tools that help them grow and manage their brand, navigate romantic and personal relationships.

Disrupting the Way People Relate to Each Other

Long term goal is to tokenize relationships for billions of people world wide and bring the blockchain tech to empower non tech people. relationship tokenization diagram nft pdfRead One Pager
  • Q3 2021:
    • Short Term Goal Tech on Ethereum Blockchain
    • ERC-20 token
    • ERC-721 NFT marketplace
  • Q4 2021:
    • Welcoming the Internet Models to Tokenize Their Relationships with Fans
    • Layer 2 for Short Term Goal Tech
  • Q1 2022:
    • Whitepaper for Long Term Goal Tech
    • Welcoming Actresses and Singers to Tokenize Their Relationships with Fans
  • Q2 2022:
    • Release of Beta Long Term Goal Tech for Limited Testing
    • Opening up the Relationship Tokenization Tech to Regular People
  • Q3 2022:
    • Release of Long Term Goal Tech in Production
    • Internet 2.0 and 3.0 Partnerships to Bring the Blockchain Tokenization to Regular People
  • Q4 2022:
    • Issue of Coin on Own Blockchain
    • Listing Coin on Exchanges
tatiana starolatko
Tatiana Starolatko Co-founder Education: Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Degree: Master's degree in technology Graduate Thesis: Homodyne detection Diploma: Computer measuring system for measuring transmission and reflection coefficients of CB devices Patent: Homodyne meter of complex transmission and reflection coefficients
Tatiana Starolatko founded StarCo Studio — IT consulting firm over 10 years ago.

In the last 5 years Tatiana consulted banks, governments and startups on subjects of blockchain and FinTech.

Now, Tatiana is aiming to disrupt the way people define their relationships and relate to each other, by launching Relationship Tokenization Blockchain Technology.

Tatiana is looking to improve lives of billions of people and make the world just a little bit happier.

  • Tatiana Starolatko CEO/Co-founder
  • Oleg Kazarovec CMO
  • Alexandr Pankov CTO
  • Sergey Ovchinnikov Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Elena Harlap UI/UX
  • Dmitriy Golovach Senior Backend Developer
  • Oksana Brilinskaya PR & Marketing
  • Dmitriy Trezkov Senior Frontend Developer
  • Artur Mazanik Blockchain Developer
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